Helvetic Diamond Exchange

Helvetic Diamond Exchange

The best certified diamonds available on the market,
carefully selected.

Helvetic Diamond Exchange Diamonds

We select the best certified diamonds available on the market, and we offer them to a select clientele at the Rapaport Diamond Report price

Helvetic Diamond Exchange Certificate

An innovative identification system.

All of our diamonds' Gemological Certificates have a unique Quick Response Code (QR Code), generated and validated by our system.

Helvetic Diamond Exchange

The value in your hands,
at any time.

The owner of the gem can, at any moment, recall the original purchase price, verify the current selling price as well as check the actual realisable value.

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Helvetic Diamond Exchange

The Rapaport Diamond Report does not dictate the selling price.

Helvetic Diamond Exchange gives each customer the chance to initiate a private negotiation, aimed at getting a discount for the purchase of a diamond.

Note: Each article sold at a discounted price will NOT be equipped with our QR Code.

Available for iOS and Android.

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